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Bullseye Fence offers their Indianapolis area customers professional craftsmanship and uses only top quality materials. We have installed many wood fences on the north side of Indianapolis and its surrounding areas such as Noblesville, Carmel, Fishers, Geist, Lebanon, Zionsville, Brownsburg, Westfield, Avon, McCordsville and Cicero. 

Western Red Cedar - Wood

We install Western Red Cedar (WRC) for wood fencing. Rough sawn WRC is the highest quality species of cedar available on the market. WRC does not have a tendency to bow or warp for it is a much bigger diameter tree with a larger heartwood (vs. pine & northern white cedar) meaning a stronger, heavier more stable lumber with fewer knots and will not have a tendency to bow and warp.  It is the premium lumber for fencing due to its superior strength and natural acids & tannins protecting itself from rot, fungus and insects. There will be an attractive array of orange, red, blond, chocolate and pink colors on your finished product.

All posts are set in concrete mixed on site. This ensures your fence remains as straight as an arrow for the rest of its life. Our WRC pickets are both a full 4 inches and 6 inches wide. Pickets are nailed with aluminum screw shank nails which twist like a screw as the nail gun countersinks them into the lumber preventing future rust streaks.

All Bullseye WRC fences are stick-built on site with even panels for each individual line to custom fit your property.  No pre-fabricated panels are ever used which means no short panels at corners & ends.  Each WRC fence is built by a professional Bullseye crew. Our expert foremen inspect each fence to ensure your new fence is the highest quality craftsmanship in the industry.

Western Red Cedar Options


Bullseye Fence Shadowbox privacy fences are constructed with full 6" pickets based on 3" spacing. This creates approximately a 1-1/2" overlap as the pickets alternate on each side of the 2x4 stringer. What this means is that a Bullseye Fence Shadowbox fence will offer MORE PRIVACY than others who space the pickets further apart or use pickets less than a full 6 inches wide. The angle to see through a Bullseye Fence Shadowbox is much more acute with greater privacy.

  • Allows wind to pass through
  • Symmetrical look on finished & unfinished sides
  • Pickets alternate and overlap on each side of stringer
  • 1x6 pickets
  • Can see through at an angle

Solid Panel

Bullseye Fence Solid Panel privacy fences are stick built on-site with full 6" wide pickets. It is a side-by-side construction with pickets flush at the time of installation. As the lumber shrinks & swells due to moisture levels, there will be tiny gaps that appear between the pickets. FULL 6" wide pickets have overall fewer seams and create MORE PRIVACY.

  • Side-by-side pickets
  • Economical
  • 1x6 pickets


Bullseye Fence Framed fences offer the ultimate in decorative privacy fences. The distinguished look of the framework with the panels inset on the posts make for an elegant look only installed by Bullseye Fence. The addition of 6x6 Posts makes for an even more majestic look as the fence surrounds the perimeter of the yard or works as a beautiful privacy screen with an attractive touch.

  • Framed with or without lattice
  • A little more detail
  • Unique designs that can be modified

Spaced Picket

Bullseye Fence Spaced Picket fences are perfect for keeping those running children and pets from leaving the yard when privacy is not desired. Spaced Picket fences are a wonderful touch to any property and can offer many landscaping options around gardens & flower beds. Let a Bullseye Fence Spaced Picket fence give you a piece of mind knowing that your loved ones are protected and prevent unwanted animals from entering the property.

  • 1x4 or 1x6 pickets on 2 inch spacing is standard
  • Spacing can be changed
  • Ideal for containing pets and children when privacy is not desired
  • Many decorative options

Board on Board

Bullseye Fence Board on Board privacy fences are the only fence to give complete privacy.  The full 6" wide pickets are overlapped on the same side and based on a 3" space making a 1-1/2" overlap.  An excellent option when total privacy is required for the property.  Because the pickets overlap on the same side of the stringer, no gaps are possible creating the most private wood fence available.  Bullseye Fence Board on Board fences are ideal for dogs who bark at any sign of movement outside the fence enclosure so the dogs cannot see what's on the other side.

  • Only fence to give complete privacy
  • Over-lapping pickets
  • Textured appearance
  • 1x6 pickets

Decorative Options

Dress up your Western Red Cedar fence with decorative options.  Bullseye Fence can give you that yard appeal you've always wanted.  The post tops are milled to the post and are not a separate piece that must be nailed.  Picket tops make for an attractive top look of the fence.  Panel Cuts provide the concave or convex look that are popular with many residential properties.  Let Bullseye Fence tailor the fence to your specific needs giving you that desired look.

Post Tops

  • Dog Ear Groove
  • Mill Top Groove
  • French Gothic

Picket Tops

  • Dog-Ear
  • French Gothic
  • Gothic
  • Angle

Panel Cuts

  • Scallop (Concave)
  • Crown  (Convex)
  • Straight Crown
  • Arbors

Ornamental - Wrought Iron Fencing

Bullseye Fence Design offers both steel & aluminum ornamental fence.  Both are great products, carry lifetime warranties, will enhance properties and keep children & pets safe. With the ability to follow any terrain & a wide variety of styles, decorative options and gates, Bullseye Fence Design can accomidate any of your ornamental fence needs.

Ornamental - Wrought Iron Options


There are four attractive styles to choose from:

  • Spear Top - extended pickets with a pressed point top
  • Staggered Spear Top - extended staggered pickets with a pressed point top
  • Square Top - extended pickets with no pressed point (only style to add Finials)
  • Flat Top - flush top with no extended pickets
  • Flat Top with Spear - flush, flat top; alternating spear pickets beneath top rail

Pickets spaced either 2", 3" or 4" apart.

Available heights:  36", 42", 48", 60", 72", 84" & 96".

Adornments can be added to enhance the decorative appearance to any style:
  • Ball Caps on posts
  • Row of Rings (Not available in 3" Picket Spacing)
  • Finials (Square Top style only)
  • Scrolls
  • Arched Gates
  • Black, Bronze, White, Beige, Gray, Green


Bullseye Fence ornamental gates are welded in house on a per gate basis.  This insures the gates are not only built to fit specified gate opening sizes but also to fit the ground contour to keep horizontal gate rails matching adjacent fence panels.  This means a superior aesthetic look and gate function.

Custom Gates Any special entry need can be addressed by a wide range of arched walk gates, decorative estate gates, and sliding cantilever gates to accompany your ornamental perimeter fences.

Vinyl - PVC Fencing

A Central Indiana Vinyl Fence Company

Whether you want to create a secluded space for entertaining and relaxing, add curb appeal and storybook charm to your home, or provide peace of mind by keeping children and animals safe, Bullseye Fence Design has a design that is right for you.


A superb fence made by experts in vinyl fabrication, backed by years of experience in fencing. A Bullseye Fence Design fence combines the most stringent quality standards with the most innovative compounds to give you a lifetime of enjoyment. We stand behind every fence that we sell and install.

Durability & Performance

Every Bullseye Fence Design fence combines appealing style with unsurpassed durability. We strive to keep your fence looking beautiful for many more years to come.

Vinyl - PVC Options


When privacy is of utmost concern, look to Bullseye Fence Design as a solution. Our privacy fences feature a steel reinforced bottom rail with tongue-and-groove pickets. There are no brackets or glue in our systems which allows the product to rack up and down reasonable terrains. When using a professional-grade product, there is no requirement to utilize wood stiffeners in any of our fence posts. This is not only to decrease the installation cost, but it also increased the customer's peace of mind. Vinyl fence comes in a variety of colors.

Semi Private

The semi-privacy fence offers the benefits of a privacy fence with the ability to allow airflow through the fence itself. This style is a very popular fence to accept a pool or spa area.  With a variety of different styles available, Bullseye Fence has a vinyl fence to suit your needs.


For style reminiscent of old cedar picket fences - without the maintenance.​

Vinyl Picket fences are perfect for keeping those running children and pets from leaving the yard when privacy is not desired. Vinyl Picket fences are a wonderful touch to any property and can offer many landscaping options around gardens & flower beds. Let a Bullseye Fence Vinyl Picket fence give you a piece of mind knowing that your loved ones are protected and prevent unwanted animals from entering the property.

Many decorative options:

  • Straight Top
  • Concave Top
  • Stepped Top

Chain Link Fencing

For over a century, chain-link fencing has been one of the most popular fencing solutions available and is the leading way to create a safe and protected perimeter environment.

Ideal for residential and commercial applications, no other fencing can offer the benefits or durability and security with flexibility and value like chain-link. Industrial property owners prefer chain-link to protect corporate assets and prevent intrusion. Combined with gates and barbed wire, chain-link can offer enhanced security at an economical cost. It’s also a natural for fencing yards, playground and sport fields. Bullseye Fence has seen and has installed in all of these areas.

Whether you choose galvanized or the contemporary color and enhanced durability of vinyl coated chain-link, there is a choice to suit every aesthetic, security and value requirements. From suburban to urban settings and everything in between, a premium chain-link fence system from Bullseye Fence offers a complete fencing solution.

Chain Link Options

Galvanized coating is the most popular and inexpensive method for protecting chain-link fence systems. Preferred for decades to define property lines and protect property, galvanized chain-link offers a versatile fencing solution that will provide years of maintenance-free protection.

Galvanized fences are great for:

  • Security
  • Highway
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Schools
  • Residential

Vinyl Coated chain-link provides corrosion protection, with durability and an attractive appearance to ensure years of attractive and reliable performance that blends beautifully with the environment.

Vinyl Coated chain-link fences are great for:

  • Pets
  • Parks
  • Property Lines
  • Schools
  • Residential

Choose from three colors that blend in perfectly with the environment. Vinyl Coated chain-link defines property lines, encloses animals, protects public buildings, and will add value to any residential or commercial property.
  • Black
  • Green
  • Brown

Entry Gates

No matter what type of fence is installed, Bullseye Fence has an entry gate to accommodate your needs. From single swings to double drives or cantilevers, we can complement any style of fence. Give us a call today so we can provide you with the best quote possible for your fencing needs. We look forward to building your next fence!

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