Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for property lines?

Bullseye Fence relies on the customer to know where their property lines are. A survey of the property is the best defense against encroachments over your property lines. Your sales rep will have an informational brochure on surveying. Although we do not require the customer to survey the property it is highly recommended.

Who calls for marking utility lines?

Bullseye Fence will call and have all public utilities located for you. Unfortunately private auxiliary lines are never located. Bullseye Fence is not responsible for damage done to unmarked underground obstructions including but not limited to: sprinkler systems, sump pump lines, drain pipes, septic systems, satellite lines, auxiliary power to lights, buildings, landscaping, pool/hot tub lines, etc.

What do you do with the excess dirt from post holes?

Bullseye Fence will pickup and remove the dirt from the post holes at no charge. We will also pile it in your yard somewhere if you would like to keep it.

Is Bullseye Fence Design Inc. insured?

Bullseye Fence is fully insured. Ask your sales representative if you would like a copy.

What warranties are offered by Bullseye Fence?

Bullseye Fence offers the highest quality finished product at a fair price with expert installation, the finest material and best customer service. We pride our company on quality control, customer satisfaction and prompt service. This allows us to offer a full two-year warranty on materials and craftsmanship. No warranty on treated pine lumber due to warping.

Manufacturers of our products will also provide their own warranties. These warranties will vary depending on the manufacturer. Please ask your sales representative at Bullseye Fence Design for more information and details on these warranties.